Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can You Rent a Car For Someone Else?

The basic answer is no.

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You can reserve a car for someone else and you can rent a car and let someone else drive it, but you can't rent it for them.


Car Rental companies require that the person picking up the rental car show a valid drivers license and credit card in their own name. This is extremely important.

There was an article in the news recently about a father who reserved a car online for his daughter because she was unfamiliar with making travel arrangements. He chose a prepaid booking site and booked the car in her name with his credit card number, thinking she would just pay him back.

Unfortunately the car rental company would not honor her reservation and she ended up having to rent another car at a higher price. Meanwhile the other reservation had been paid for and no refund was given. The father was understandably upset and felt that the booking site or the car rental company should have a) honored the reservation and/or b) refunded his money.

I assume that this gentleman did not read the terms and conditions on the website where he booked the reservation.

It stated that the credit card used to book the reservation must be the same credit card shown to the rental counter at the time of pick up. Most of the prepaid booking sites have this stipulation listed as well as a condition that all reservations booked are non-modifiable, non-cancellable and non-refundable.

The last I heard was that the booking site refused to refund his money and the car rental agency
offered him a small credit, but not the amount of the reservation he had made.

Many people assume that they can rent the car and let someone else drive it and that because they never drove it, they were not responsible for the vehicle. Not true. The renter of any rental car is considered the primary driver, even if they never drive the vehicle. Anyone else who drives is considered an additional driver and must have the permission of both the renter and the car rental company to drive the vehicle.

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Can You Rent a Car For Someone Else?



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Unknown said...

Fuck you rental car companies. If it is prepaid, and a driver is listed, why the fuck do you need them to produce the card? All they should need is their drivers license. You are idiots.

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